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Inclement weather policy for the Buckeye Cup

Weather delay announcements will be made on:

FACEBOOK: Newark Area Soccer Association


INSTAGRAM: Newark_Area_Soccer

Buckeye Cup
Luckily rain affects our fields to a lesser degree than most complexes and tournaments. We will play through the rain. Pooling clears from one hour (one inch) to eight hours (4 inches) on the majority of fields. Rain is not the best for playing conditions but we will play.

Lightning and Thunder is dangerous. The fields must be cleared. Everyone must wait in their cars for 30 minutes from the last strike in order to kick off. Coaches and referees must clock their time and restart for the game in the first half. If the strike occurs in your second half then the game will be considered final. As inconvenient, unfair and confusing as the situation becomes; safety must be everyone’s first priority. Depending upon the number of lightning strikes and the amount of playing time available the tournament will make final decisions regarding match play.
Lightning steps:
Clear fields. The tournament officials will signal for clearing of the fields by three long whistle blasts.
Know stoppage time and restart.
Game final in the second half.
Game at its particular restart to begin 40 minutes after last lightning/thunder strike.
Schedule updates on Facebook and twitter and tournament website.
The tournament will signal the restart of games by two long blasts.
Field by field schedule adjustments possible. We will try to get back on schedule on the fields. One method will be to change game fields if referees and fields are available. Another method will be to shorten the halves. Watch Facebook and twitter for the tournament decisions.

***Coaches agreement to finalize game in first half at the point of stoppage. Game will be considered for the standings as final, as well as for tie breakers. Thus points and goals for and against will be used at the point of stoppage upon coach’s agreement. Head coaches must have the referee write final on the game card and sign the card if the coaches wish to use this option. This is a potential convenience for teams, but if in doubt don’t agree to a first half final standing. The tournament will make final decisions.


Buckeye Cup
Paul Wise, Tournament Director 740-366-7033
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